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A Prayer for Peace

Prayer for Peace There comes a time in one’s life, when the troubles and storms of life becomes tough and overwhelming. When all hope seems lost and everything looks upside down. When the things that should give you joy makes you want to cry. In a state such as this, it is natural for the

Prayers Against False Accusations

Have you ever been lied against?  Falsely accused of things you didn’t do? It’s nothing new if you find yourself in such a situation, even Jesus Christ was falsely accused of blasphemy. It’s really painful to hear lies being told about you, your reputation being ruined or even worst but it’s more painful if you

Prayer Points for the Church

Prayer Points for the Church 1. Heavenly father let your church grow numerically, financially, spiritually and all areas, in Jesus name. 2. Any evil forces, powers, agents fighting against the growth of the church, father, let them be put to shame in the name of Jesus. 3. Father take your church to a greater glory,